After upgrading from SCCM2012SP1 to SCCM2012R2 some random packages are invalid #SysCtr #ConfigMgr #SCCM

Update below!


after finally upgrading from SCCM2012SP1 to SCCM2012R2 we had the issue, that the OSD tasksequences stopped working with errors all circling around content.

After being able to solve some of the problems by redistributing the affected content I asked on twitter if anyone else was having a similar problem after upgrading to R2, and nearly immediately a reply from @znackattack helped me further:


So what should you do?

Download Content Library Explorer from the System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Toolkit and redistribute only the content that is marked as invalid.

A good example of how to do this can be found here:

Thanks to Nicke!


The tip from Kenny in the comments helped me t get OSD back running:

Reregister / Recompile smsdpprov.mof

If you are lucky you´ll find an error saying that compiling “smsdpprov.mof” in your Distmgr.log was not successfull.

To recompile the mof locate your “smsdpprov.mof” – most times %installpath%\bin\x64 – and use the following command:

“mofcomp.exe smsdpprov.mof”

You should then get a message that the file was compiled successfully.

I then restarted the DP (not sure if t is needed) and our delpoyment worked again.

Thanks again Kenny!


#ConfigMgr #SysCtr Error loading Software Center #SCCM


After successfully installing the Configuration Manager Client on a Windows Server 2003 I encountered an error when opening the Software Center:



After uninstalling and reinstalling the Configuration Manager Client the same error appeared.

Binging (yes, brought the solution!) the error, I found something similar here.

In this article is written, that .NET Framework 4.0 gets installed with SCCM2012 Client automatically. So I searched for it, and only found .NET Framework 3.5.

I downloaded the .NET Framework 4.0 , installed it and viola: Software Center got up without any errors 🙂